WhatsApp Chatbot – A fantastic Tool for School/College

Nowadays, schools make use of WhatsApp organizations to inform parents of upcoming college events, exam dates and college rules.

But if we wish to send similar information to complete college pupils parents? So, if there are thousand pupils in the School, I’d love to distribute a School morning schedule to all parents. That’s where WhatsApp groups fall short. I might possibly use WhatsApp broadcast, but with a limit of 256 connections. Nonetheless, this’s time-consuming. Due to the all class teacher’s should collect message info and contact details from the concerned need and person to add parents contact details in your own phone and have to create broadcast or group after which send a message. Phew!

But then, there are many colleges which don’t use this gain of WhatsApp. As I saw each teacher must call parents to tell them about the student / parent council program and in addition have to confirm whether they will attend the program or not.

The teaching job has already been hard enough. Teachers have to additionally teach subjects, have for being involved in some other school activities, need to communicate with parents for confirmation for several functions. This actually makes the teachers’ life difficult.

New software and tools are being created constantly and by using that we are able to reach lots of people quickly. This is not only more effective but will be a great time-saving issue for overloaded teachers. Several of the tools that may assist with this are WhatsApp marketing and WhatsApp Chabot.

What’s WhatsApp marketing? and what is WhatsApp chatbot?

These tools shall be unveiled to you in this article. WhatsApp Marketing is nothing but advertising and marketing or promoting your brand through WhatsApp. I’ve given examples above related to facilities, so I am going to continue on similar topic. For instance, it’s the beginning of the academic year and you are going to be having a unique program next year. How does one promote it? Advertising in the newspaper or putting a banner outside the university or college is among the ways that traditional promotion is used. Will that admission rate actually reach what’s expected? It may be, or even might not be. But if you’ve thousand contacts and also you would like to advertise your course details through which then WhatsApp advertising and marketing will be probably the very best tool. Through the use of WhatsApp advertising tool you are able to send bulk messages to 1000 contacts.

Now coming to WhatsApp Chatbot, it is a WhatsApp autoresponder. For an example, if you want to invite parents to a student/parents council program and also you want confirmation from them which they will attend or not. Then you are able to use WhatsApp Marketing to send out a message as this:

Hello, this is a call from “Mention college or university Name” inviting you to attend the student / parent council program on “Mention Date and time.” Please check your presence by sending Yes or perhaps No.

After they send out the reply it will even plug in to the WhatsApp Chatbot and staying work would be done by the Chabot. If any changes in the schedule of the event or perhaps any other information about the event, Chabot will instantly send the update. It is going to work like in case you subscribe on YouTube channel and you’ll get the recent video notification from that channel.

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